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garlic in yoruba language

Newsletter | Sample Lesson | Students Only. A careful study of history will show that Europeans developed from a background of taboos, and superstitions, as well as mythical beliefs. Herbs are plants with aromatic or savoury properties that are used for medicinal purposes, as food spices, and also for fragrances. Table 3 below shows herbal directives. Through the guidance of Orunmila, the principles of Yoruba Cosmology evolved: “The Self-Existent Being (Oludumare), or the One Source, who is believed to be responsible for creation and maintenance of heaven and earth, of man and women, and who also brought into being divinities and spirits (Orisha) who are believed to be his functionaries as intermediaries between mankind and the Self-Existent Being (Oludumare).”6. (The term Osain is also used to describe Yorubic herbology. In Africentric science, all life (i.e. The Hypocritic humoural theory was taken from Egyptian Magical Principles (see diagram 1). (Yoruba), Yoruba_Proverbs physicians in Egypt had already created an effective organic chemical contraceptive. Note the startling resemblance between the linguistic terminology of Yoruba and Ayurveda, very often the same sounding words, meanings, and similar spellings. Elegba, is represented by the color black. Chilli – Shombo in Yoruba. There are three major dialects with considerable variation among them (Ethnologue). In the Yoruba system, the seven Orisha’s have many counterparts, or partners that bring about various qualities or spiritual forces. Table 3: The Ewe and Presiding Orisha Correspondences, Skullcap, Sage, Kola Nut, Basil, Hyssop, Blue Vervain, White Willow, Valerian, Yellow Dock, Burdock, Cinnamon, Damiana, Anis, Raspberry, Yarrow, Chamomile, Lotus, Uva-Ursi, Buchu, Myrrh, Echinacea, Kelp, Squawvine, Cohosh, Dandelion, Yarrow, Aloe, Spirulina, Mints, Passion Plower, Wild Yam Root, Eucalyptus, Alfalfa, Hawthorn, Bloodroot, Parsley, Motherwort, Garlic, Mullein, Comfrey, Cherrybark, Pleurisy Root, Elecampane, Horehound, Chickweed, Plantain, Saw Palmetto, Hibiscus, Fo-ti, Sarsaparilla, Nettles, Cayenne. They are all earthly and heavenly forces whose destructive intent is to off-set the human body. it involves practices by which human beings hoped to be able to understand and control the forces of the universe. In the Yorubic system, the four elements became: Shango (the fire element), Oya (the air element), Yemoja (the water element), and Elegba (the Ashe, or earth element). Actually, the disease is the “food itself”. Upon close study, it becomes evident that the Orisha modes correspond very easily to the Chinese concept of qi. There is also considerable evidence that physicians in Egypt (also Kemet) practiced circumcision, brain surgery and were extremely well versed in gynecology and obstetrics. This myth about African medicine creeped in over centuries of misunderstandings. The ancient physician/priests of the Nile Valley were said to have been instructed in temples which were called “Per Ankh.” In today’s language they would be called the “House of Life”. the elements in creation were fire (Atum), water (Nun), Earth (Ptah) and Air. Their forced migration is the explanation of the spread of these traditional (and religious) crafts detailed below. She is the amniotic fluid in the womb of the pregnant woman, as well as, the breasts which nurture. However, the emotional and spiritual causes of disease would be taken into account in order to appease the negative forces of ajogun to make the cure complete according to traditional Yoruba religious practices. It is the goal of man to align his earthly consciousness with Ori (the physical and spiritual head) in order to connect with his divinity. Capsicum frutescens – Tabasco pepper – Ata-wewe. This Orisha indicates medicines which tone the tendons, and sinews. In other words, if the universal center is the source of all great herbal inspirations, then these four directional energies are the vehicles through which the inspiration becomes manifest. They believed that these ratios if used in the sound of music and the architecture of buildings (pyrimids), this would resonate with the life forces of the universe and thus enhance life. Yorùbá medicine, or egbo'gi, is an African system of herbalism practiced primarily in West Africa and the Caribbean. As in Tradition Chinese Medicine, the Yorubic priests help to cure physical symptoms by treating the emotional vice that lead to the ailment in the first place. Its direction is East. Western medicine deals in the area of eliminating the symptoms that have manifested in the physical body, while Yorubic healing deals with the elimination of the root source of the problem. Please find below many ways to say swan in different languages. All the names of herbs and plants in yoruba language. Yoruba is a native language spoken by the people of Nigeria. I need clove seed and oil Cloves ,called kanafuru in yoruba language. human nature. Bladder infections, prostate planets, impotence, wasting diseases. These elements could be mixed in more ways than one, and the various mixtures gave rise to different temperaments and “humours”. According to Osain herbology, medicinal herbs, spiritual baths, prayers, and meditation is the cornerstone of health. The condition can be corrected by prescribing the patient with Comfrey and Sage, as an herbal tea, or applied externally by a spiritual bath. Uses : Cloves are increasingly now added to traditional soups and stews for their aromatic properties. and bear the name of an Egyptian Pharaoh who stated that he had copied an inscription of his ancestors. The Ebers Papyrus (ca. The gods whom Atum projected from his body were: Who are said to have given birth to four other Gods: The Egyptian concept of cosmology, like the Chinese doctrine of Yin and Yang, and the East Indian system of Tridosha (Pitta, Vata, and Kapha), offered a comprehensive explanation of the natural forces of the universe. This purification consisted in drinking a substance called ghee, or clarified butter. (see diagram 4) It is the job of the African healer to bring the internal Orishas into alignment. Yoruba has many dialects, but its speakers can all understand each other. Imhotep also knew of the circulation of the blood, four thousand years before it was known in Europe. It’s season is winter. 1500 B.C.) We can see that the Egyptians recognized the connection between food (disease) and the cause of certain pathological diseases. As envisioned by the ancient prophet, Orunmila, of Yoruba, the Ifa Corpus (Cosmic Intelligence) is the text of Osain herbalism. This ancient text, the Ifa Corpus, is the foundation for the art of divine herbology. | An NgEX brand, Get contacts from social network or email, Smoked squid rings with garlic and shallots pizzas. Darrell Williams) can be reached as follows: 7115 So. Ogun, is represented by the color green. It was also believed that each element possessed certain qualities: hot, dry, wet, and cold. According to the Memphite Doctrine, “The primate God Ptah, conceived in his heart, everything that exist and by his utterance created them all. Many thanks Samuel Nwaireh Are you Yoruba if you're Yoruba then go to this elewé omo they sell it. Demons, or negative spirits enters the body through the five senses, the imagination and the carnal appetites. Ultimately, the beliefs of Indians are similar to those of the Africans. There are 12 major meridians, or pathways, for qi, and each is associated with a major vital organ or vital function. They put together a “sacred” geometry which were a set of mathematical ratios and proportions. This papyrus is also of great importance because of its use of the word “brain” and references to the neurological relationship between the brain (spinal cord and nervous system) and the body. Africans believe there is a harmony in the universe – the circling of the planets, the tides of the earth, the growth of vegetation, the lives of animals and. BritBritBrow, You now following fermented seeds of Parkia biglobosa, African locust beans in English, Igba/Iyere in Yoruba; Flat Crown – yoruba: ayinre, ayinre isingede, ayinre ogo; Garcinia kola – Bitter kola – Orogbo; Garlic – Allium sativum – ayu; Gossypium barbadense – cotton seed – Owu; Guava – guafa; Heliotropium indicum – scorpion weed – Ogbe ori akuko, Agogo igun Under the Yoruba system, the major meridians are the 7 Orishas. This would include herbs, spiritual baths, symbolic sacrifice, song, dance, ani prayer, as well as a change of diet. Western medicine tries to cure the body from curing (cleansing) itself with a cure (drugs) and/or surgical mutilations. Need to translate "garlic" to Samoan? Cayenne pepper is referred to Ata gun gun in the Yoruba language. In 1987, the National Academy of Sciences published a report by the National Academy of Engineers entitled Lasers: Invention to Application. © Copyright 2020 by NgEX! The direction that a plant is picked in a particular area is also important under Yorubic medicine. The Memphite Theology is an inscription on a stone, now kept in the British Museum. I look forward to our dialogue. I have tried in this essay to accomplish the first part of a pleasant assignment which I rashly laid upon myself about two years ago: to integrate African medicine into the scheme of Planetary Herbology. SylvalineChi, this si the message or part of the message that taw sent.....more, is a social media network for Nigerian Languages and Culture, where you can post, discover and share Nigerian videos, pictures, words, pronunciations & translations in Nigerian Languages (currently Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba), You can find also find Nigerian comedy, jokes, proverbs, traditional dances, baby names, news, food, and other Nigeria related content. Share photos and translations, record pronunciations, make friends. The Orishas are said to concentrate their spiritual energies in particular directions just as the internal Orishas reside in different parts of the body. (3) Slice the carrots, leeks and celery and add to the pot with the parsley stalks and bay leaves, salt and pepper. "African herbal medicine is commonly called Yorubic or Orisha medicine on the African continent. Unless he addresses the cause of the disease, the sickness will eventually come back. The Yorubas believed that the Orishas of the celestial world were emanations of Oludumare (The One Source) who conceived the universe by a series of emanations, and in this way it is possible to reconcile the unity of God with multiplicity. The One Source was the First Cause or Creator, the necessary Being in whom essence and existence were one. posted a word Therefore, it is important to use the corresponding herbal treatment to correct the derangement. am using this opportunity to invite you to the launching of my book entitled herbal therapy on 21st June, 2016 @ federal college of Dental Technology and Therapy, Enugu: a book that teaches how to use herbs to prevent, control and cure diseases. I found that there were many comparisons between the two systems. Garlic - ayu. The ancestors of these people were the main victims of the transatlantic slave trade. 1. The purpose of Yoruba is not merely to counteract the negative forces of disease in the human body, but also to achieve spiritual enlightenment and elevation which are the means of freeing the soul. The basis of this theory was the belief that the human body was made up of the four elements of which the whole material world was composed: fire, air, earth and water. They are considered opposites masculine and feminine, heavenly and earthly. The Chinese thought Westerners barbarians and made no attempt to learn from them until recent. The Water Yam ( called 'Isu Ewura' in Yoruba Language) is grated and some bits left in ungrated and cooked with a mixture of pepper, palm-oil, fish and other condiments. Please I’m still searching for the local name of Jujube leaves in Yoruba as I’m not familiar with the picture I saw on google. Both are also rooted in the belief of supernatural forces for the minor ills of life. Yoruba / ˈ j ɒr ʊ b ə / (Yor. sympathetic nervous system, para sympathetic nervous system, circulatory system, digestive organs, elimination system, pubic area (female), heart, kidney (adrenal glands), tendons, and sinews, reproductive system (male), bone marrow, life force or chi, lungs, bronchial passages, mucous membranes. Ayurveda developed in contemporary contact and mutual influence from these ancient societies. Table 4: Color, Number, and Natural Environment, Places struck by lightning, base of trees, Cemetary, places hit by Hurricanes, Storms. As I mentioned earlier, racially and linguistically, the East Indians and Africans have a common origin, going back to the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Dravidians. His sayings and proverbs, which embodied his philosophy of life, were handed down from generation to generation. This “voo doo” mentality is devoid of the sacred realities born of African thought in respect to religion, philosophy, and medicine. To understand the application of Osain herbology, lets’s take as an example a person suffering from a bronchial-pulmonary condition including cough, and spitting of white mucus. It is comprehensive and includes Chinese, Ayurvedic and western herbs and principles. Let us look at the correspondance between Western herbology and the Egyptian system. (), You now following Eba, also called garri, is a very thick paste that is either rolled into balls or … Yoruba name for almond. Aba is a circle in the center which is aligned with the seven Orishas, each of which is represented by smaller circles of the opposite colors of black and white. More specifically, the Oloogun priest will search for cemetery plants growing in brownish-rusty areas which is believed that Oya Orisha hides its spiritual powers. They hadn’t made the connection between the Creator, spirits and their manifestation in nature as the African had done. The Yoruba for garlic is galiki. Modern science has since discovered that acacia spikes contain lactic acid, which is a natural chemical spermicide. Closely following the Hill, the God (Atum) also emerged from the waters and set upon Ptah…out of the primeval chaos contained 10 principles: 4 pairs of opposite principles, together with two other gods: Ptah, Mind, Thought, and Creative utterance. Oya: Antituesives, demulcents, expectorants, antiphlegmatics. ), Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Anthony T. Browder (The Institute of Karmic Guidance, Inc; 1992), Omosade Awolalu, Yoruba Beliefs and Sacrificial Rites (White Plains, NY: Longman Groups, 1979) p. 3, The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concept , ibid., p. 23. creation was accomplished by the unity of two creative principles: Ptah and Alum, the unity of Mind (Nous) with Logos (creative utterance). The Yoruba priests adopted this same system with sleight modifications. Many of the herbs users in Osain are specifically selected to effect a particular Orisha in the body, including the energies and therapeutic properties inherent in the nature of the herb. Egyptian priest physicians saw the ideal of medicine as a magical principle: “that the qualities of animals or things are distributed throughout all their parts”. Among the people, amulets and charms mere more popular than pills as preventive or curatives of disease. It is the job of the Oloogun (medicine healer) to help the patient overcome the opposing forces that disrupt their health. In the herbal context, each require special herbs and foods to bring out the life force energy that bring about their qualities. The herbal properties are absorbed into the human dimensions end assist in the dissipation of negative influences. Disease according to the theory of the Ifa Corpus, is caused by oppressive forces known as “ajogun”. Imhotep is regarded as the “real Father of Medicine”. This reciprocal relationship, in turn, gives rise to the four elements, and other attributes which influence the physical world. is a social media network for Nigerian Languages and Culture, where you can post, discover and share Nigerian videos, pictures, words, pronunciations & translations in Nigerian Languages (currently Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba) He is best known for his saying, “Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we shall die.”, Imhotep also promoted health by public sanitation, by circumcision of males, and by teaching the people the frequent ipse of the enema. Yoruba language: Effirin . It is dated 700 B.C. In order to understand the system of Yoruba medicine, it is important to have some knowledge of the historical conditions that gave birth to this African art of healing. Japanese medicine was born in a meeting with Chinese culture, and Western herbology sprang from a meeting of the ancient Greek and Egyptian priests. From this example, one can get an idea of the wholistic treatment approach of Osain Herbology. It is through incantations, drums and dance, and special herbs that one can communicate to the human body by awakening the internal Orishas, and thus return to unity, spiritual light, and health. Elegba Orisha represents the earth element and is dry and cold in nature. They also calculated the ratios of the human body. It should come as no surprise, then, that in Osain and Ayurveda, symptoms and diseases that could be viewed as mental thoughts, or feelings are just as important as symptoms and disease of the physical body. Here's how you say it. Although Yorubic medicine has been practiced in Africa for over 4,000 years, its fundamental principles are little known to Westerners around the world. The ewe(herbs) are also classified and used in order to enhance one’s Ashe. When understanding the African’s use of demonic and spiritual agencies in medicine, it is important to understand that this concept is used merely as a cosmic-tool to explain physical phenomena in nature which is unique to African thought. A Vaidya (Ayurveda doctor) seeks to achieve health throuhh the balancing of the three doshas. This is essential in Yoruba medicine in order to bring one’s nature back in contact with the inherent force of all creation. Pregnancy and fetal sex tests were conducted by Egyptian herbalist who soaked bags of wheat and barley in a sample of a woman’s urine. Ayurveda and Osain saw purification as a means of purging the body of possible infections and impurities, a practice which has proven to have a rational basis. A cold for instance, could be exorcised by such magic words as: “Depart, cold, son of a cold, thou who breakest the bones, destroyest the skull, makest ill the seven openings of the head!…Go out on the floor, stink, stink, stink!” In many ways, this provided an effective cure, known today by various contemporary medicine as psychosomatic. Reply. There are more than 90 anatomical terms referenced in the Edwin Smith Papyrus, and there are more than 200 terms listed in various Nile Valley medical literature.

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