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42 cfr part 84 subpart e

(a) Chemical cartridge respirators including all completely assembled respirators which are designed for use as respiratory protection during entry into or escape from atmospheres not immediately dangerous to life and health, are described according to the specific gases or vapors against which they are designed to provide respiratory protection, as follows: (e) Chemical cartridge respirators with particulate filter—$1,150. (6) P99 filters shall be labeled “P99 Particulate Filter (99% filter efficiency level)” and shall be a color other than magenta. (ii) Canisters and cartridges will be tested as they are used on each pesticide respirator, either singly or in pairs. 50.101-50.105) is removed and reserved. (a) Dry exhalation valves and valve seats will be subjected to a suction of 25 mm. As a part of each application for approval or modification of approval submitted pursuant to this part, each applicant shall file with the Institute a proposed quality control plan which shall be designed to assure the quality of respiratory protection provided by the respirator for which approval is sought. (d) Respirators with cartridges containing or having attached to them, filters for protection against mists of paints, lacquers, and enamels. § 84.117   Gas mask containers; minimum requirements. (e) Respirators having electrical or electronic components that are required to be permissible under chapter I of title 30 shall be tested in accordance with 30 CFR part 18. (1) Facepiece; (The information collections contained in this section are approved under OMB control number 0920–0109) per minute at each and couplings are coupling shall not be joined and the permitted when the hose joint(s) are immersed and couplings are joined in water and and are immersed in water, subjected to an with air flowing through internal air pressure the respirator under a of 35 kN/m. (Example: If a manufacturer requests approval of a respirator for six hours use against exposure to vinyl chloride, the maximum allowable penetration after nine hours of testing shall not exceed 1 ppm vinyl chloride.). Subpart F—Federal Acid Rain Permit Issuance Procedures § 84.1102   Examination, inspection and testing of complete respirator assemblies; fees. (2)(i) Two powered air-purifying cartridges or pairs of cartridges will be equilibrated at room temperature by passing 25 percent relative humidity air through them at the following flow rates (expressed in liters per minute (l.p.m.)) top (2) When testing R-series and P-series filters, a neat cold-nebulized dioctyl phthalate (DOP) or equivalent aerosol at 25 ±5 °C that has been neutralized to the Boltzmann equilibrium state shall be used. (c) Only Institute personnel, persons assisting the Institute pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section, and such other persons as are requested by the Institute or the applicant to be observers, shall be present during any examination, inspection, or test conducted prior to the issuance of an approval by the Institute for the equipment under consideration. (3) N95, R95, and P95 filters shall demonstrate a minimum efficiency level of 95 percent. (f) Man tests 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be conducted in duplicate. § 84.88   Breathing bag test. §262.11 Hazardous waste determination. 1, “Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Variables for Percent Defective,” or an approved equivalent sampling procedure, or an approved combination of sampling procedures. (f) The loss of gas through a broken gage or severed gage connection shall not exceed 70 liters per minute when the cylinder pressure is 6,900 kN/m.2 (1,000 pounds per square inch gage) or when the liquid level is at one-half. (b) Approval labels for non-powered and powered air-purifying dust, fume, mist respirators approved prior to July 10, 1995 under the provisions of subpart K of 30 CFR part 11 (See 30 CFR Part 11 edition, revised as of July 1, 1994.) The indicator shall show such change or afford such warning at 80 ±10 percent of the total service life to 1 ppm leakage, as determined by continuing each test described in §§84.252(b), 84.253(b), and 84.254(b) until a 1 ppm leakage of vinyl chloride occurs. (3) Stem gage readings shall not vary from true readings by more than one-sixteenth inch per inch of stem travel. 690 (42 U.S.C. top (d) Mist will be produced by spraying an aqueous suspension of flint (99+ percent free silica), and the flint shall be ground to pass 99+ percent through a 270-mesh sieve. (d) Each certificate of approval shall be accompanied by a reproduction of the approval label design to be employed by the applicant with each approved respirator, as provided in §84.33. (a) Particulate matter filters used in conjunction with a canister or cartridge shall be located on the inlet side of the canister or cartridge. (c) A breathing machine cam with a work rate of 622 kp.-m./min. (b) The service time obtained on man test No.

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